We’re both home from Alaska. I want to go back. If you haven’t been to Alaska, it’s breathtakingly beautiful there no matter where you go. The scenery was amazing and so was all of the music. We attended concerts with Ellis Paul and got to hear Alice’s Champagne Palace IN Alice’s Champagne Palace. It was quite the experience. Ellis had a few friends along with him, who joined him in the concerts. They were Laurie MacAllister, Radoslav Lorkovic, Darryl Purpose, and Dan Navarro.  I didn’t know it going in, but Dan Navarro co-wrote one of my favorite songs: Pat Benatar’s “We Belong”.  Yes, I was fangirling a bit. Dan’s a great guy and has wonderful stories to tell.

It was a great trip and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

While on the cruise we had plenty of time to write and plot. I finished outlining two novels and managed to get some words out. Dani worked on our next novel, trying to get it all finished up.

We both came home with colds and are in the process of getting better.   – Sydney

One thought on “Post Cruise Blues

  1. Whales, Eagles, Bears, moose, sea lions, Sea Bronies, good music and good friends. An amazing trip. Inspiration all around, from Yak and Yetti to Rad’s root canal. The stories get even wilder when you throw in the cards…

    So glad we spent that week with you both.

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