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Nichols and Ashcroft – Jan 2020 Newsletter

Last updated on July 13, 2022

Happy New Year!

2019 is now behind us and 2020 lies ahead of us. A brand new year is upon us and many more chances to take. We even have an extra day in 2020 to accomplish our goals.

Our goals are to get Immortals book #2 published as well as book #3. Right now Sydney is editing the final two chapters before it gets sent off to City Owl Press. We both had a rough 2019 and therefore we have been slow about getting things done, like editing book #2. Dani is currently working on book #3. No title yet. Once Syd gets the edits done, she’ll work on getting a solo project done. More details to come on that on a later date..

Book 2 is tentatively called Immortal Secrets and focuses on two new characters, but Damianos and Akantha make appearances in the book along with another new immortal.

Right now we are sitting across from each other at Syd’s kitchen table. We only get to see each other once, maybe twice a year. If you didn’t know, Syd lives in Maine and Dani lives in California. The distance makes seeing each other a little difficult and expensive, but we are carrying out a yearly tradition of seeing live music and catching up.

Each year Dani files to New England and Sydney spends the week chauffeuring Dani around to Ellis Paul shows. Ellis Paul is a folk singer/songwriter who originally hails Presque Isle, Maine. We have been listening to his music for almost twenty years now. Each year he does a holiday show in Portland, Maine and four shows in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We go to his Portland show and then a few days later we ring in the New Year with Ellis and some of his friends at Club Passim.  This is something we have been doing since at least 2011 or 2012 (we’re not sure on the year).  It’s great to have traditions and keep them going.

We’re looking for some beta readers. Beta readers get to read our new works before they’re even published and give us feedback. If you’re interested in getting our books before everyone else and giving feedback on them, please sign up for our beta readers mailing list.  You can do that here:

Wishing you all the best in 2020!

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